Written by Brianna about her Christian Adoption son.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.

A young woman and man become husband and wife, They desire a family, they want to bring a baby into their life.

Soon hope is there, but disappointment appears, Their excitement and joy is turned to heartache and tears.

Yet for many years they try and try, But for some unknown reason their dreams are denied.

Through many trials and heartaches they remained and endured, But nothing would change until they found the Lord.

Then that day came and with their heart hopes renewed, They handed their dreams to God and He said, "Just wait, I have a plan for you."

Now many were praying for them as they went seeking God's will, And soon to them His plan was plainly revealed.

Since before time, I created for you, A very special little one--yes, I'm giving you a son.

Though not through your flesh, but through your faith in me, I have give you your heart's desire, a child to complete your family.

Our hearts and lives were filled with anticipation and joy, For God was sending to us, our special baby boy.

We knew what to name him--it was all so very clear, Isaiah we'll call him and he'll lead without fear.

No longer do our hearts, for our lost children, ache and mourn, For our Lord has sent us our ROSE AMONG THORNS!

Life is so much like the rose--long roads and thorns that can take such a toll, But our Lord gives us healing and comfort for the soul.

When you get to the end of a road all tattered and worn, Look to the Lord and He will provide you with your ROSE AMONG THORNS.

(Matt & Brianna give God all the glory for their Christian Adoption son, Isaiah!)

For more information please read Unfolding Rose.* 

We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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