Written by Deborah.

They happen around every holiday. Days before the holiday, during that special day, and after the appointed day of celebration. But at Christmas, there are more sales specials than at any other time. It's predictable, it's expected, and it's anticipated. However, there's one sales special that appears in every showroom or storefront, at every mall, every shopping strip center, in every downtown area, in every city and neighborhood, where there are people looking to buy.


The signage is professionally done, and the prices appear to be reasonable. There are neon signs and flashing arrows pointing to this special sales item. There are sparkling signs and quiet comfy signs. Some signs shake while others quake. Whatever appeals to each person's weakness, there's a sign to attract the undisciplined mind. The products are often used by people every day and everywhere. Music that appeals to the emotions blares rock 'n' roll or gentle classics caress each customer. Hip hop and reggae, rap and blues, pop tunes and jazz are customized for every person viewing. Burning incense, fragrant potpourri, softly scented candles, fresh popcorn, hot baked cinnamon rolls, and warm chewy cookies are offered for free. All designed to pleasure the senses and are hooks to draw a person in for closer consideration.


Please come closer to touch the velveteen or the velour. Feel the toughness and durability of some items and experience the pleasure of others. There's a hidden barb in each one, and the unsuspecting won't know it until it pierces their soul. Large and small items, pliable and hard, varying colors and textures, odors and aromas saturate the senses. All designed to dazzle the eyes, fill the nose, satisfy the touch, please the palate, and deafen the ears of any that come to browse.


It is the devil's store and he's always open. Everything is on sale and there's a limited warranty with every product. Fear, doubt, and worry are popular products. Distress, anger, bitterness, strife, confusion, and a sharp tongue are being restocked all the time. False accusations, lies, and mischief are sold by the case. Too many products and lines to list them all, but the one that commands the highest price is the most used. It's always on sale, or so the sign says. It holds the highest place of honor in every window display. This item has more banners, bells and whistles around it to attract attention than anything else. It's perpetually shrouded in deep darkness, but remains a hot seller.


There's always a free trial period that comes with it; it never gets used up. It's sold on Wall Street as blue chip stock and it's the adversary's main tool to defeat every Christian. Beware of this sales special. Beware of the hawkers that try to grab your attention and sell you a false bill of goods. Beware of your senses becoming entangled with the ploys, the tricks, and the trades of the enemy. Beware of this one item, for it can choke the life out of every Christian.


As one climbs up the step to take a closer look, as one peels back the shroud, as one catches their breath in amazement--there it is--one simple word that always works, always defeats the Christian, and always steals the peace and the abundance from the heart.



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