Written by Tricia.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.


God Holds the Winning Hand

Living by faith in the Lord has brought so much peace into my life. I gave myself to the Lord 5 years ago and I continue to draw closer to our Heavenly Father every day through prayer and worship.

Being an adoptive parent has brought a whole new perspective into my life. I went through all the infertility methods you could go through and miscarried a pregnancy. It was a very hard and trying time, because I wasn't saved.

Why was God doing this to me? What did I do to deserve this? Question after question and still no answers. I tried to make a "deal" with God, "You bless us with a baby and we'll start going to church." God was not impressed with my "deal"! A very dear friend encouraged me to have faith in God. She told me that God does perform miracles.

I brushed her aside because I felt miracles never happened and God wasn't hearing my prayers. She continued to pray for me and kept telling me I'd be a mother-one day. That one day came when we received a call about a birthmother and we were chosen to become new parents-one month later. We weren't saved, we weren't Christians and we certainly didn't feel like God should or could bless us. We were not prepared for adoption and knew nothing about the process-absolutely nothing. We were blessed with the gift of a beautiful healthy baby girl along with an open adoption.

It all felt so right, so I remembered the "deal" I'd presented to God, "You bless us with a child and we'll go to church." At the time I didn't think it was a "deal" God was unhappy with, why should He be, we were GOING to church. Okay, it wasn't what we wanted to do, but we promised God we'd try it and we thought it would be good for our daughter. We didn't attend church regularly and still weren't saved.

Then one day, my dear friend, who kept me in her prayers and stood by me, invited us to her church. We met her at the front door of her church and I told her, "Don't think this means we'll be coming every Sunday, because I can tell you right now that won't happen." 

We entered their Bible study class first and then sat in the service. As my husband and I sat in the church pew, we both broke down in tears and didn't understand what was happening to us. We'd never been to a service that had touched our hearts.

We didn't realize it was God who was touching us with His winning hand. He won our hearts-we were saved that day and gave ourselves completely to the Lord. It was an experience I'd never imagined. Since that life-changing day we've been in the Lord's house praising and worshiping Him for all He has done for us

Now I'm a blessed mother of two beautiful adopted daughters who were brought and chosen by God for us. Our Christian Adoption Family has prayed and supported us.

I thank Him every day for all His blessings and for drawing me to Him. I thought by making a "deal" with God, He would make me a mother, but "God holds the winning hand"!

Give yourself to the Lord and thank Him for the blessings He has planned for you,

He is the one who hears your prayers and He will answer them.    

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen...Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.  Hebrews 11:1, 3 

(Shawn & Tricia received God's winning hand with 3 children and Christian Adoption!)

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