Written by Kassandra.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.


Dear Deborah,

Its such a blessing to communicate with others during this journey. Just knowing that our Christian Adoption Family is praying for us is a huge comfort. We also pray for our brothers and sisters in Christian Adoption!

Sometimes the road seems long, trying, and uncertain. But, were confident that God is at work.

Our desire is for His will and for His perfect timing.

We continue to run the race!

As you know we were contacted by birthmother Kathy earlier this year. We corresponded with her a few times before she disappeared. We have done as you suggested, "to let it go". However, to "to let it go" was accomplished only through much struggle, heartache, and challenge. We faithfully continue to leave the situation in God's hands--where it belongs. But Kathy has never left my mind and recently she was impressed more and more upon my heart. I pray for her and then must push to relinquish her again to God.

We pray for God's direction and for His wisdom.

Thank you for your prayers for us.



(David & Kassandra's adopted son Noah, was born a few months later with the prayer support of Christian Adoption!)

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We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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