Written by Deborah.

Who are these Christian Adoption couples that list with our service? Why would birth parents want to consider Christian Adoption couples for child placement? Why do we think agencies, adoption attorneys, and other adoption professionals should review our Christian Adoption profile letters? 

Our committed and enthusiastic response is: Christian Adoption couples are God's best!

We don't list every Christian that contacts our ministry. We don't sell Christian couples to register with our service. We don't encourage every Christian to become a part of our Christian Adoption family. We don't try to snag or lure Christians into coming online with Christian Adoption. We don't have any contracts, and we don't make worldly promises. We guarantee only what we know to be true.

We know that God is faithful to hear the prayers of those that seek Him. We know that God is willing to strengthen the confused birthmother or the waiting adoptive couple. We guarantee that God hears the prayers of the distressed birth grandparents as well as supportive friends. We know God hears the cries of the ministering pastor, the bewildered birth father and the frustrated husband.

We know God's Word is full of comfort, encouragement, hope, and peace.

We guarantee His promises to be true.

We don't need a contract, because we run a service with integrity.

We don't try to sell, snag or lure adoptive couples, because we know God will send them to Christian Adoption.

God delivers. The Lord answers. He strengthens. Jehovah encourages. His promises are true.

God directs the steps of His people that ask.

When any Christian contacts Christian Adoption, we encourage them to trust God for direction and guidance.

When any Christian contacts Christian Adoption, we encourage them to pray for help and confirmation.

When any Christian contacts Christian Adoption, we encourage them to do what they should do for their lives.

Christian Adoption is a ministry that helps others in their adoption process.

Christian Adoption gives God the glory, honor and praise.

This is not a business, it's about family; His family.

Christian Adoption is about His family loving, helping and encouraging one another with His love.

When God leads birth mothers and adoptive couples to Christian Adoption, we embrace them and we minister to them.

We cannot assure anyone that their adoption process will be without challenge. But we can assure everyone that remains faithful to Him, they will receive His blessings.

When adoptive couples contact Christian Adoption, we ask them to pray. And we require adoptive couples to contact our Christian Adoption references to help confirm God's leading.

Those that list with Christian Adoption have placed their confidence in God.

Those that become a part of our Christian Adoption family have sought spiritual guidance and wisdom.

Those that have their profiles on Christian Adoption are here for a reason.

Those that God leads to Christian Adoption will be blessed with a child and give Him the glory.

Why are Christian Adoption couples God's best?

Because they did something to get here. They prayed. They asked for God's wisdom. They chose to trust Him. They invested themselves. These born again ones are committed to pleasing God. These Christians push to follow in the steps of our Lord Jesus Christ. These are special believers, unique Christians that God has sent to Christian Adoption.

Christian Adoption is honored to represent God's best.

For more information please read Refunds & Rights.  

We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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