(Another successful adoption associated with Christian Adoption.)

Your niche with Christian Adoption reaches many people and I will pray for it's growth. For God to bless it, to bless you, your family, and the Christian Adoption family. I know we're to pray for God's will and I just BELIEVE that God's ministry--Christian Adoption is His will for many adoptive couples. It's not just about placing children into Godly homes, but the "fellowship", the witnessing, the testimonies, the admonition, the support, the prayers, the growth, the faith, the giving of scripture, the reaching out to others, and the list goes on and on.

I didn't just gain a son through Christian Adoption, a child that I've wanted for what seems like forever.  I've gained wonderful Christian friends, a networking of God's family, growth in my faith, a desire to help others, an urgency to study my Bible more and to pray more--which I have been doing more since our adoption was completed than ever before. I have a son to bring up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord! He has given me the awesome responsibility to raise him up as a "Godly" man. Thankfully I have the Bible and prayer to help me with that!

I'm growing in my relationship with God and my experience with Christian Adoption has been a tremendous boost for me. I feel like I'm held "accountable" by Christian Adoption, you, and God. As someone listed for reference response, as a prayer warrior, as a witness, as a mother, as a friend--I'm accountable for what I say and do. We are to be held accountable to one another in God.

I have grown so much since this journey began and there is no turning back! I must press forward, ever forward.

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