Written by Deborah.

Through the years, Christian Adoption has discovered some deterrents for a Christian Adoption.

We suggest that adoptive couples get their lives "in order" before coming online with Christian Adoption.

It is prudent for adoptive couples to resolve fundamental issues prior to becoming parents.

Any adoptive couple with marital problems, needs to seek God's help and deliverance before they start their adoption journey.

Any adoptive couple with serious health problems, needs to accept God's healing deliverance through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Any adoptive couple that harbors an "attitude" towards birthmothers, needs to understand forgiveness.

Any adoptive couple that feels competitive about Christian Adoption, needs to pray for God's peace.

Any adoptive couple that's divided about adoption, needs to prayerfully work out their differences.

Any adoptive couple that's financially unstable, needs to prioritize their finances before accepting the responsibility of children.

Any adoptive couple that's career driven, needs to consider the sacrifices required to become godly parents.

Any adoptive couple that's seeking a "free" adoption, needs to pray for financial prosperity.

Any adoptive couple that's looking for "perfection", needs to reconsider their standard for righteousness.

Christian Adoption prays for birthmothers and Christian couples. 

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We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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