Written by Deborah.

We'll call them Jane and Kate. They represent two birthmothers that called us in tears and in pain. Both were in late term stages of their pregnancies. Both openly cried tears of despair. Both said the same thing,

"No one wants my baby. No one cares about my baby. No one wants to love my baby." 

Both girls carried bi-racial babies.

One baby was: Hispanic & ½ African American.

The other baby was: ½ Caucasian & ½ African American.

Both girls had chosen life for their babies.

Both girls had chosen adoption for their babies.

Both had bravely made the difficult 1st call.

Both had spoken with adoptive couples that had rejected the racial combination of their babies. (That's any adoptive couple's privilege.)

But the way in which the adoptive couples responded had cut these girls' hearts.

"We're not interested in YOUR baby. Who would want that baby?" 

Birthmothers are people too; walking in love towards others applies to everyone. Birthmothers have fears and concerns. Birthmothers wrestle with condemnation and confusion. Unkind words and comments hurt their hearts and damage their souls.

How hard hearted and cruel to respond to a birthmother's cry for acceptance with emotion and prejudice.

Jesus Christ offered words of comfort, healing, and forgiveness to those in need. Jesus Christ had compassion.

Christian Adoption encouraged Jane and Kate to forgive the sinful nature of immature adoptive couples. We encouraged them to seek God's deliverance and guidance. Christian Adoption prayed for Jane and Kate. Christian Adoption listened, supported, reassured and covered them with God's love.

No matter what the situation or set of circumstances...birthmothers are people too.

For more information please read Tissues & Tears.*  

We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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