Written by Deborah.


Our view or belief system is our paradigm. Our paradigm is our filtering system in every area of our lives. We hold a paradigm or belief system about every aspect of our lives, our environment, our hopes and dreams, and our relationships. Whatever we read, hear or see passes through our filtering system. It is automatic. If what we read, hear or see doesn't agree with our paradigm, we filter it out. Our paradigm is based on truth or error, but usually a combination of both. Our subconscious paradigm is built upon our past, our feelings, our experiences, truth, error, and what we perceive to be "our own" thoughts. Our paradigm is the background music that plays in our minds at a subconscious level. As a result, our paradigm is our reality--what we believe to be true, whether it's true or false. Biblically, our paradigm is our heart.

A simple example of our visual paradigm... 







When you read the final statement, your visual paradigm shifted from a negative to a positive thought. Our paradigm can  change quickly with a decision of will to accept change.

With the introduction of light, darkness is dispelled. 

Adoptive couples come to Christian Adoption with a mindset or a paradigm that's based upon their past experiences, their many emotions, and/or stories they've read or seen about adoption. Most adoptive couples filtering systems are tainted from the pain of infertility and/or other life challenges. 

Christian Adoption challenges the paradigms of our adoptive couples. There aren't any life experiences that can adequately prepare a couple for the adoption journey. For those willing to accept multiple paradigm shifts, adoption and life, becomes interesting, challenging, spiritually maturing, and exciting. For those that resist change and cling to possible erroneous paradigms, the journey is exhausting and overwhelming.

Christian Adoption offers support to each adoptive couple by way of our Christian Adoption family. God's family itself is a priceless support system.

Christian Adoption is blessed by God's calling of special adoptive couples that care one for another and support the paradigm shifts that are needful in the adoption process.

Our Christian Adoption couples are willing to help others through these mind bending, brain challenging and enlightening experiences. We "get it" and we are able to help you through the paradigm shifting challenges of adoption.

Christian Adoption offers a place of refuge to Christians facing myriad paradigm shifts.

We encourage you to follow God's guidance to receive His blessings.

Now is it…









For more information please read Bibles.*

We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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