Written by one of our wonderful birthmoms about the placement of her baby with one of our CA couples.

When having you we had an option,

For unselfish reasons we chose adoption.

We chose to share a miracle gift,

So someone's hearts we would lift!

We won't get to hear you say your 1st word,

Though we are sure it'll be a bit blurred.

It will be something important to you,

Something you need or want someone to do!

We won't get to see you take your 1st steps,

Still we will have no regrets.

We know you'll be in a very loving home,

Where mommy and daddy won't leave you alone!

We won't get to break you to wearing panties,

Bribe you with yummy treats and candies.

Your parents lives to you they dedicated,

They promise not to get irritated!

Though there's so much we will miss,

On many occasions we'll share a hug and a kiss.

You'll never forget the love we showed you,

That's how we know our feelings are true!

By C.   10/01

For more information please read One and Eye. We encourage you to prayerfully consider registering with our service, and/or writing to us.



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