Every state in the United States has it's own unique adoption laws. Although there is legislation pending to equalize/normalize state adoption laws, we are bound by the current adoption laws in each state. Many states impose insensitive legal and emotional pressures upon birth parents and adoptive couples. At Christian Adoption, we consider the needs of the birth parents and the adoptive couple, as well as the laws of their respective states to determine a delivery/placement plan. Since the beginning of our adoption ministry, we have always been concerned first and foremost with what is the best course of action for the unborn child--what will be in his or her best interest. To help facilitate the adoption process, many birthparents opt to deliver in the home state of the adoptive couple or in a more adoption friendly state than the one where they reside. Christian Adoption is a ministry called to help others in the adoption process. These others include birth parents, adoptive couples, and birth grandparents. Whenever the adoption laws of a state inhibit the placement process or compound the emotional stress associated with the adoption process, we encourage those that are involved in that placement to consider other delivery location options. With God's grace, help, and mercy we have assisted many birthparents in the successful delivery and placement of their child in a state different than their home state. These birthparents have willingly chosen to travel to another state to facilitate their child's placement. Often the birthmothers travel with their mothers for emotional support.

*When Precious found out that her home state would require her to physically carry her baby out of the hospital before she could relinquish her rights, she gladly delivered in another state. She traveled to the adoptive couple's home state with her mother, and conveniently signed the placement papers in her hospital bed.

*Once Sandee had chosen her couple for placement, she willingly traveled to the home state of the couple to ease the financial burden of the adoptive couple. She traveled by herself.

*After Lynne Anne received her answer to prayer--locating the ideal couple for her child's placement--she moved into their home for the last 2 weeks of her pregnancy and cherished the relationship that developed between them. She traveled with her mother, but stayed with them by herself, until delivery.

*When Meshal learned that her home state would require more legal paperwork from the 'no where to be found' birthfather, she traveled with the adoptive Mom to the adoptive couple's home state to give birth and returned home shortly thereafter.

*Erin traveled with her mother from Europe to an adoption friendly state to ease the legal complications for her baby's placement with her Christian Adoption couple. The adoptive couple then traveled to that state for placement and their final hearing.

*Since Doreen wanted to assist her adoptive couple's financial expense, she traveled by herself to Hawaii and met the adoptive couple there for the first time. After enjoying the beaches of Honolulu together, they all rejoiced with the safe and healthy arrival of her son and their future baby boy.

*Birthmother Julie traveled with her father to the adoptive couple's home state to insure that her baby would be placed with the couple after relinquishment, rather than going into temporary foster care--until the final hearing took place.

In each of these instances and others, the birthmothers made a decision and a commitment to do whatever was necessary to insure that her child would be placed into the loving arms of the Christian adoptive couple that God had directed her to choose for adoption placement. These birthmoms viewed the sacrifice of leaving family and friends behind (temporarily) as part of their courageous decision to place their baby for adoption. Their heart felt desire was to do all they could to provide the best possible future and life for their babies. They chose to take care of themselves during pregnancy, and they chose to delivery their healthy children wherever it would be best for the adoption process. With some situations, the birthmothers were happy to return home to start their new lives, without having to face friends and family that may have visited them in the hospital.

Our goal is to help others in the adoption process, and sometimes that might be to consider the option of traveling to another state for the baby's delivery and placement. We thank God for the courage and strength that these birthmothers demonstrated to us and to others. Traveling to another state is not for everyone, but serious consideration should be given to the actual relinquishment and placement process--for the birth parents and for the adoptive couple. Whenever God directs a birthmother to her chosen Christian couple, He will make a way for the placement to work wherever she delivers her baby. So, maybe or maybe not---


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