Written by Tabitha.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.

My Mother's hands are not like mine

But both can wave or climb a vine

Or make a castle out of sand

Or hold onto my Daddy's hand.


My Mother's eyes are not like mine

But both can see the bright sunshine

Our eyes can look way up and down

Tho' hers are blue and mine are brown.


My Mother's hair is not like mine

But both of us look very fine

With braids and bows and Sunday hats

We even put them on the cat!


My Mother's heart is just like mine

We love and care and learn each line

Of God's own word to Mom, Dad and me

Our insides are all that He can see.


Because God doesn't care about our skin

Or eyes, or hair, or even our chins

He loves what's inside of me

So I'm the best girl I can be.


God loves me so much, you see

That He gave me two Mommies--each are perfect just for me.

So every night I pray to God above

For the Mom who gave me life and for the Mom who gives me love.


(Mick & Tabitha were blessed with twins through their Christian Adoption!)

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We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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