Life with God is basically simple. We are to know His Word, which instructs us in His will, which is right believing. We are to base our thoughts, actions, and decisions upon the truths in His Word. We are to be doers and not hearers of His commandments. We are to love God with our whole heart, soul, mind, and strength--which entails all of who we are as humans. Life with God is basically simple--learn, do, and sell out to God.

But life in this world often is very complicated. Try as the Christian may, it is inevitable that someone will endeavor to make the simple things in life confusing and convoluted. Ever heard the adage; "Make a mountain out of a mole hill"?  How true that is! As a ministry that helps others in the adoption process, we encounter these 'oh, so helpful individuals' on a regular basis. God will work within the heart of a birthmother to choose a stable, loving Christian couple that willingly offers her child a secure home--and someone will come meddle in the process. As a result of prayer, God offers guidance that is crystal clear, and some 'well-intentioned' person will make those clear waters muddy with doubts, questions, and confusion. We have had the joy of witnessing God at work for the ideal "match" with the ideal couple (we did not say perfect--for no one is). But sometimes we have shed tears of sadness when His divine "match" fell apart because of social workers, agency workers, friends, family, attorneys, doctors, and nurses that interfered. One might conclude that it must not have been God's guidance for that "match" in the first place, but we beg to differ. God can and does make His guidance so crystal clear so often and He is more than willing to move mountains for that guidance to come to pass, but people choose to quit trusting in the Lord and choose to listen to those in the 5 senses realm. Often birthmothers are talked out of God's crystal clear instruction and choose to follow the direction of some influential person in their lives. What was once crystal clear can become muddy because of others that may or may not be directly affected by the adoption process.

*When Janice made the decision to place her baby for adoption with a Christian family, and was fully committed at the baby's birth, we rejoiced with her chosen couple. However, her mother informed her that she would be disowned if she placed the baby in a secure home. Rather instead, she felt compelled by parental pressure to keep the child and to continue the vicious welfare cycle in her family.

*Tamra was ready to sign custody papers, when the hospital social worker appeared and convinced her to keep the baby.

*Nikita knew she could not mentally raise another child, prayed for guidance, found her ideal Christian family, and then her father demanded she keep the baby, however unwanted.

*Penelope was financially not able to adequately care for one more child, but her friends used guilt and condemnation to motivate her to add another child to her already burdened financial obligations.

*Karriann contacted us because she wanted to insure that she followed God's direction to place her baby with a Christian couple. The ideal couple was found with God's guidance, until her attorney insinuated that he had someone better.

*Shellie knew that she could not handle the responsibilities of parenting by herself, so she selflessly chose to place her unborn baby with a stable 2-parent Christian family. Then an agency contacted her and convinced her that her desire to place her baby independently was simply impossible, as well as misinformed her about adoption laws in the adoptive couple's home state.

*Precious had made the free will decision to place her baby with a Christian family, even though her physician tried repeatedly to talk her out of placement.

In each instance, 'well intentioned' individuals offered their advice and made clear guidance become mentally muddy. At Christian Adoption we pray that our birthmoms will have the courage to follow God's direction and not become confused by muddy advice from others.

Whenever a birthmother seeks God's crystal clear guidance and direction, she should be prepared to obey that "still small voice". No matter what others say, no matter what the circumstances may appear to dictate--God will clear the way for His guidance to come to pass. He can PART THE RED SEA, He can MOVE MOUNTAINS, and He can MAKE A WAY WHERE THERE APPEARS TO BE NO WAY.

Not only in adoption, but in all of life.

Trusting in the Lord is simple--pray, listen, and obey.

For more information please read Know and Birth Grandparent.  We encourage you to prayerfully consider registering with our service, and/or writing to us.



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