Written by Deborah.

From the moment birth parents read a Dear Birthmother profile written by a Christian Adoption couple, the birth parents already know more about that couple than some couples will ever learn about their birth parents. Adoptive couples reveal some of their life experiences, share some of their innermost desires, express some of their disappointments and expose portions of their hearts for all to read. 

As birth parents, you already know much more about them, than the adoptive couple knows about you! Their profile photos tell a story about their lives, their interests, and their lifestyles. Each Christian Adoption couple's home state is defined, their living style preference (city or country), names of children and ownership of pets is listed, as well as some of their personal goals. From the beginning of the adoption process, birth parents that come to Christian Adoption, can learn a lot about the couples we represent.

However, for the typical adoptive couple, birth parents are intangible. They don't really exist until the adoptive couple receives some tangible evidence from the birth parents. Adoptive couples don't know about the birth parents interests, goals, desires or medical background until communication is established.

Many times adoptive couples don't have a contact number or a due date or a state location or proof of pregnancy and/or any other details about the birth parents. Birth parents at this point in the adoption process have all the advantages. Often birth parents contact an adoptive couple, begin a dialogue, and then fall off the face of the earth.

In an effort to protect our Christian Adoption couples from those with less than honorable intentions, we require that 3 out of 10 criteria are met before we change a couple's online status to "We're Matched !"  

Birth parents need to know that all of these criteria may need to be fulfilled prior to placement. 

1. When birth parents have selected one Christian Adoption couple for placement.

2. When birth parents have established regular communication with one Christian Adoption couple.

3. When birth parents have signed legal adoption papers, prior to delivery if applicable (based on the adoption laws of the state where the birthmother gives birth) and provided them to the Christian Adoption couple's attorney.

4. When birth parents have had a successful face to face meeting with the Christian Adoption couple.

5. When birth parents have provided relevant medical records, proof of pregnancy and/or their Dr.'s permission to release information to the Christian Adoption couple.

6. When birth parents are at peace about the Christian Adoption couple's changed online status to "We're matched !"

7. When birth parents have sent ultrasound pictures to the Christian Adoption couple.

8. When birth parents have included their support system in their dialogue with the Christian Adoption couple.

9. When birth parents are confident that God has lead them to their chosen Christian Adoption couple.

10. When birth parents have outlined a delivery plan with the Christian Adoption couple.

The adoption placement process is not complicated, but it is emotional.

As we trust in God's sovereignty and rely upon His guidance, all of us will be blessed!

For more information please read "I Can't Feel their Color!"*

We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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