Written by Tabitha.

(Another successful adoption associated with Christian Adoption.)

Perhaps you are feeling like a failure

Facing the disappointment of your Mom and Dad

The cruel scolding looks of those who pass

And say, "She's too young." or "Why didn't she just wait."

But that just doesn't help much

When an outstretched hand and heart is so easy to give.

An understanding look or a smile and a nod as they look from

Your swelling abdomen to your eyes

And see that you've chosen LIFE over your transitory pride.

Perhaps they think it's easier

To hide your "mistake" in a shroud of death

And call it "choice" or "courageous."

But we know the truth, don't we?

Courage comes from within, and is not motivated

By our egos, nor is it dependant upon the fashion of the times.

You, dear mother, and you are a mother --

In the greatest sense of the word -

Have shown your love in sacrifice.

A rarity in modern times, selflessness

Just doesn't seem to garner the respect

That money and fame are accorded by those among us

Whose lives are hollow shells.

Cry, dear mother, and feel my arms about you

Let it not be said that your gift was easily given or

That you never had a moment of regret.

You have shown yourself to be all too human

And so I cry with you, for you

And because of the beauty I see in you.

"Beauty?" You may say in surprise.

Oh yes, for I can see God's glory shining from your eyes.

"But you don't understand," you may protest -

For in your fears you considered abortion, suicide, and

Running as far and fast as you could to escape.

Ah, but you didn't do any of these things, did you?

Do you think that Jesus was not tempted

As He hung dying, nails piercing His feet and hands

Thorns pressing, cutting into His forehead.

Vinegar at His precious lips.

Did it never occur to Him to call down the angels

To save Him?

Undoubtedly, but He overcame it all to save our souls.

Were it not for His real feelings of pain,

And His humanity,

What would His sacrifice have been worth?


Your pain, dear one, defines you

Not, as some would claim, as weak

But as strong, compassionate, unselfish


The day you decided to choose a Mom and a Dad

For your preciously guarded charge

You became the mother

That most women will never be.

So hold your head up with pride, my birthmother

And know that not only did you give me LIFE

But you gave me the best possible life you could find.

Tabitha adopted this birthmother's twin boys several months later.

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