Written by Carolyn; paraphrased by Deborah.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.


Dear Tim & Kathy,

...because of you Iíve learned to trust in God more, no matter what happens.

Iíve never met a family that cares so much about the people around them.

Iím glad that God led me to find you through Christian Adoption.

I found you, even though it was through a pregnancy.

You're the exact family I needed to find.

Youíre the encouragement I needed to keep moving forward everyday.

I needed to learn to look up and to pray again.

Youíve helped me more then youíll ever know.

I can't thank you enough.

I love you.

Thank you,


(Tim & Kathy were thrilled to become parents to baby Esther through Christian Adoption!)

For more information please read Kathy.

We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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