Written by Deborah.

As a birth mother your greatest responsibility is to provide a healthy intrauterine environment for your baby, including optimal nutrition.

As birth parents your primary consideration should be your child's future. What is in your child's best interest long-term? Consider your current and future set of living circumstances as well as the family environment you can or cannot provide.

As  birth parents you are morally obligated to make choices that will provide your baby with stability, safety, security and a loving family.

Adoption placement may be the best decision for your child's future. Adoption is an option to prayerfully and thoughtfully consider.

If you choose to place your child with a Christian Adoption couple, we expect you to fulfill these additional responsibilities.

***Read the profiles of all listed Christian Adoption couples and consider each one.

***Seek God's guidance and direction--He will gladly assist you.

***Select the couple that you believe is the best choice for your child. (Please remember that wealth, job position, social status, and/or physical appearance is no reflection of a couple's ability to parent a child.)

***Contact either the Christian Adoption couple you're considering and/or contact us at Christian Adoption: 1.800.277.7006

***Ask questions that are important to you and your child's future.

***Determine the type of relationship you're seeking post placement.

***Discuss your viewpoint about a post placement relationship with your Christian Adoption couple.

***Share your thoughts regarding your delivery plan with your Christian Adoption couple.

***Remain in contact during your pregnancy with your Christian Adoption couple.

***Relinquish parental rights (TPR) when authorized to do so, in the state where you give birth.

***Adhere to the adoption plan that you agreed to with your Christian Adoption couple.

**Recall God's blessings upon you and your child for following His guidance.

Morally you're responsible to...

Be willing to share your medical history and current medical records.

Be willing to provide all medical records pertaining to prenatal care including ultrasound pictures.

Be willing to provide the Christian Adoption couple with your Dr.'s contact information, including the authority to contact him/her for the release of medical records relevant to your baby's health.

Be honest about the racial combination of your child.

Be forthcoming about information about the birth father.

Be certain about your placement choice before emotionally involving a Christian Adoption couple.

Be willing to communicate with the Christian Adoption couple, allowing them to contact you to discuss the placement process.

Be forthcoming about any changes in your adoption placement agreement.

Legally you're responsible to...

Provide your full name, address, and all contact information.

Provide the adoptive couple with your delivery plan and your intentions for relinquishment of your parental rights, according to the state adoption laws where you give birth.

Provide the adoption attorney with all documentation and details required by the state where you give birth.

Provide a framework for the type of relationship you want with the Christian Adoption couple (a few states require your expectations in writing.)

We encourage you to...

Pray for God's clear guidance during your decision making process.

Pray for the health of your baby and that his/her safe delivery is a blessing for all involved.

Pray for the future of your baby with the Christian Adoption couple you have chosen.

God is able and willing to help you.

God is able and willing to guide you.

God is able and willing to assist you.

God is able and willing to encourage you.

God is able and willing to strengthen you.

God is able and willing to give you hope.

Go to Him.

Trust in Him.

Pray to Him.

Ask Him.

Bask in His love.

Rest in His peace.

Be surrounded by His comfort.

When you've made a decision--let go and let God bless you.

His love is always available.

His mercy is new every morning.

His peace cannot be measured.

God's love for you is unconditional, no matter what has happened, no matter who you are, no matter where you've been and no matter what you've done.


For more information please read Who Gains What?*

We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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