Written by Sheryl (birth mother to Becca.)

Names have been changed to protect privacy.

I'm Becca's Mom.

Her father and I have seen God working in such incredible ways through this Christian Adoption process. I want to be sure that others in our area know about your ministry. I want to THANK YOU and especially PRAISE GOD for the work He has done in our family. I'm so glad that Becca was led by the Lord to find Christian Adoption and that this ministry was started! The adoption option was Becca's idea, her research, her decision, but it has brought such blessings to all of our family.

We plan to be involved in a local Crisis Pregnancy Center. We'll talk to them about Christian Adoption and the answers we've received. We have experienced the loving hands of God through this ministry. Not every birthmother has the same experience, but I want to spread the word about Christian Adoption! Birthmothers can choose LIFE and an adoptive couple to raise their child. Everyone involved in the adoption process can pray for God's guidance and His abundant supply. I believe my purpose is to present Christ through our successful adoption experience. I desire to encourage other birthmothers to grow closer to Christ and to view adoption as a loving option. I talked to Becca and she supports me 100%! I want to further God's purpose in the lives of women, families, and the blessed children.

Jesus said we should all come to him as little children. One look into my new grandson's eyes, and I understand more deeply what Jesus means. The love of God--this is the answer. Our hearts are melted by His love.

Thank you Christian Adoption, we're so thankful for our wonderful adoptive family!


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