Written by Denise (birth grandmother to a Christian Adoption.)

Names have been changed to protect privacy.

Dear Deborah,

The last time I spoke to you was from The Netherlands, Europe. I've wanted to write to you for a long time. Thank you so much for the Christian Adoption ministry. You are more well known than you think and I know many who are praying for Christian Adoption.

I contacted you August 1998, after learning about my daughter's pregnancy. We were searching for help and found Christian Adoption. We researched her options, we asked many questions, and we prayed fervently that God would lead us in the right direction. I know it was God's answer to our prayers to find 14 Christian couples--waiting on God--to answer their prayers for a baby. We found Christian couples listed on Christian Adoption. My daughter and I went through most of the profiles and prayed for many days for God to open the doors for this adoption. We needed God to direct us to a family, to provide a way to return to the U.S. for the baby's birth, and to supply our financial needs. God was awesome--He took care of all the details! 

Prior to this adoption journey, I was in full time ministry in the Netherlands. Most of my finances came by faith. I felt the many prayers of people that knew about our situation. I also know that there are Christians that cover your ministry in prayer.

Thank you for your efforts to organize information, references, testimonies, and encouragement articles. These all helped us along the way. Today, my grand daughter is happily adopted by a Christian Adoption couple. We hear from them regularly and we all love each other.

I strongly advise all couples and birthmothers to take their time and to trust God. Don't rush into things, but allow God to show you His way. The child is the most important part of adoption and everyone should be working towards bettering the future of that child.

It's in the giving selflessly that we become more like Christ. Unfortunately, some come into adoption thinking about themselves. We should check the motives in our hearts. God wants to bless us but are we willing to obey His guidance?

Thank you again for Christian Adoption.



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We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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