Written by Deborah.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.

What legal rights do grandparents have regarding the adoption of their grandchildren?

Legally--none. Morally--many.

Your perspective and your influence can make or break an adoption placement. If as birth grandparents you choose to negatively influence your children (the birth parents) you may effectually prevent an adoption placement.

But then--why would you want to do that?

Whatever the ages of the birth parents and whatever the set of circumstances, it is THEIR baby and they're legally responsible to make THEIR own decisions.

As adults, shouldn't we focus on what's in the best interest of the child? Shouldn't we pray for God's answers for the child's future? Shouldn't we endorse what's most beneficial for the child's welfare? As adults shouldn't we objectively and logically consider the circumstances of the birth parents and more importantly the security of the child? Don't children deserve to be raised in a stable and peaceful home?

Emotional ties and claims should be willingly sacrificed for the welfare of the child--wouldn't you want that of your parents, if you were the child?

As birth grandparents you can offer supportive suggestions to the birth parents or sabotage their adoption plan. As birth grandparents you can encourage the birth parents or push them down with accusations.

Since you have years of parenting experience, shouldn't you help your children (the birth parents) with a responsible reality check?

As birth grandparents you can endorse the birth parents adoption choices or defeat them with discouragement. Your years of parenting expertise can translate into wise counsel or irreversible punishment for the birth parents. Your input can help birth parents to consider long term benefits and long term requirements for your grandchild. Perhaps God has already revealed to you unique ways to assist your children (the birth parents) during this time in their lives.

As birth grandparents you have a responsibility to parent your children (the birth parents) rather than manipulate them to your satisfaction. 

Our years of experience at Christian Adoption, has taught us that you, the birth grandparents, have a profound influence upon the birth parents and your grandchild's future life. Your acceptance or rejection of them can make or break a successful adoption placement.

Christian Adoption prays for birth grandparents to seek divine guidance and direction.

Christian Adoption prays that birth grandparents will offer words of peace and loving kindness to their children (the birth parents.)

Heavenly peace comes to all those that trust in God with their whole heart. 

Christian Adoption hopes that you will seek God's leading and rest in His peace.

For more information please read Heather.* 

We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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