Written by Deborah.

"Keep a fresh box in every room of the house. Yes, a full box in every room of your home! It's one of the essentials for those seeking to adopt. Be sure to pick up an abundant supply and never be without these. Use them each hour, use them throughout each day, use them at night, and carry them in your pocket. They are convenient, disposable, compact, and sanitary. Reduce mascara runs and make-up smears. Keep your lenses clean and reduce facial salt residue."

The commercial camera zooms in for a close up, back lighting illuminates the product, side lighting adds effect, and the soft background music builds to a crescendo.

Words in capital letters pop onto the screen in dramatic fashion, each set of words growing in size for emphasis.








We should buy stock in a paper company--we use so much paper in Christian Adoption.  

We use a lot of tissues too. Shedding tears and using tissues is pretty much a daily routine.

While traveling the roads of infertility, I think I used a new box daily. While pursuing adoption, I graduated to 1.5 boxes per day. When I became a mom to my precious Danielle and Samuel, I gladly graduated to emptying a couple boxes each day. Tears of sadness or despair were replaced by tears of joy and thanksgiving. Lots of tears and lots of tissues.

Although a substantial amount of tears result from the joys of motherhood, I still shed plenty of tears for our Christian Adoption family. These are tears of compassion and I've "Been There" tears. The deep heartache within other women pulls at my heart strings.

Christian Adoption receives plenty of calls that are laced with tears. Birthmothers call with tears of despair. Birth grandparents call with tears of sadness. Adoptive couples call with tears of confusion.

I understand their tears and their pain. Although I try to mask my shared tears while on the phone (needing to be a strong shoulder), the open tissue box on my desk is there for a reason.

Sometimes the tears flow when I hang up the phone or a few minutes after I've prayed for that person. Maybe I'll read a heart wrenching email or I'll see the pain between the lines of a message. It really doesn't matter--the tears will come. My heart aches for those waiting for their deliverance.

Christian Adoption has helped me mature--I only use waterproof mascara. 

To those that are involved in any aspect of adoption--have a good cry whenever it's needful.

It's okay; you're not losing your mind--just some saline. Tears can be cleansing to the soul, soothing to the eyes, lessen the tension in your mind, and help you deal with the moment. Then use as many tissues as necessary. You can always buy more.

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We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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