Written by Deborah.

There are many adoption resources, why trust Christian Adoption?

Why would anyone trust Christian Adoption with their hopes, their dreams for a child, and invest their funds with our service?

Fair questions deserve honest answers.

Christian Adoption believes that if you get to know who we are as a ministry you will be encouraged.

Christian Adoption believes that if you read our testimonies you will understand how God has blessed our service.

Christian Adoption believes that if you contact our references you will receive renewed hope.

Christian Adoption believes that if you study our website you will be educated.

Christian Adoption believes that if you seek God's guidance you will know His will for you.

Christian Adoption believes you will find our commitment unparalleled in the adoption arena.

Christian Adoption believes you will be amazed by our statistics that are inexplicable.

Christian Adoption believes you will be inspired by the witness of our birthmothers and adoptive couples.

By God's grace and mercy, Christian Adoption has assisted in 354 successful adoptions.births in the past 16+ years (193 months.)

Christian Adoption has a proven track record.

By God's faithfulness, Christian Adoption prayers have been heard and answered.

With God's guidance, Christian Adoption continues to expand our ministry services.

Trust Christian Adoption, we will lead you to trust in Him.

Confide in Christian Adoption, we will place your petitions before His throne of grace.

If God is leading you to list your profile with Christian Adoption, you will have His peace. You will know this ministry is for you. You will have His conviction and a sense of elation.

You will know.  

Our loving heavenly Father is able to direct your steps.

He will also provide your every need.

If you need adoption funds, He will be your sufficiency.

We are stewards of the ministry, Christian Adoption.  

We are His laborers--God gets the glory.

For more information please read Birth Grandparents Index.

We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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