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I've wondered why the Lord has us waiting so long for our 2nd adoption. What have I been missing that He wants to teach to me? We call adoption a roller coaster ride and until now, I didn't think the ride began until you connected with your birthmother--boy was I wrong! This ride began the day we came back online with Christian Adoption. The ride was easy at first, but after waiting awhile I realized that the car hadn't even left the starting line. When I began to earnestly pray for God's perfect gift and not mine, I received His peace. There's been many "highs & lows" that have corresponded with my relationship with God. I'll be the first to say that I love roller coaster rides; the longer the better. And I admit I love the feeling in my stomach when zooming down on the other side. But the anticipation on the upward climb isn't too much fun. It's slow and steady, but more importantly I can't see what's coming up or what's on the other side. This is the same ride we experience as we wait upon the Lord to bless our families. The coaster car moves slowly (we think) upward, we know we'll reach the top, but we can't see what's waiting for us on the other side. Even if we're in the front coaster cars (we're spending quality time with the Lord daily), we still don't know what lies ahead. He will give us His peace but He doesn't reveal the future details. He asks us to trust Him and to place our faith in Him. God wants a relationship with us. He wants us to hang on because He's going to give us an incredible ride! Each adoptive couple will have a different experience. When we get on the roller coaster again, it's not going to be the same experience. We may have a different seat or the ride may go around more than once. I never thought our ride would be this long and I've discovered I don't like roller coasters as much! But the most important thing I've learned is that God is leading us and to not to give up, even when it seems impossible.


If you believe God is leading you in a certain direction--don't give up. 

We may think we know what is perfect timing, but we should trust Him fully.

If your "timing" comes and goes--don't give up.

God is working.

He sees the bigger picture.

He knows all and what He has promised...

He will perform!


(Randy & Diana have been blessed with 3 sons through the prayer ministry of Christian Adoption!)

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We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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