A Christian Adoption couple's personal decision.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.

Dear Deborah, 

We made our decision yesterday. We're choosing to get off the roller coaster ride of adoption. Please let the birth parents know from AZ that we aren't going to "match" with them. Rick and I were tormented about our decision for 3 long days and that's why we didn't respond sooner. We were hoping that God would use a loudspeaker to tell us what to do, but we learned we had to get quiet to hear His voice. We're at peace knowing that we want our son Donnie to be an only child. We're very fulfilled with him and happy with our family unit. I'm sure several family members, some friends and even adoptive couples will think we need to have our heads examined! But that's okay--they'll get over it. You were right--it's amazing how honest one can become when faced with these decisions. We'd been talking for a couple of months about ending our adoption search. We're so thankful for our strong faith in God.

How can we thank you and the Christian Adoption family for your prayers, support, guidance and knowledge? You've loved us from afar and it's so appreciated. We are better Christians for being involved in such a great "family." Christian Adoption is definitely all about "family." We'll spread the word about God's hand in our lives and about Christian Adoption. I know that God will answer each couple's prayers--in His perfect timing.

We'll continue to pray for you and the Christian Adoption ministry.

We love you and pray for God's abundant blessings,

Rick, Laura & Donnie


Dear Rick & Laura,

Thank you for giving me your final answer. Your decision is what I anticipated based upon previous conversations. I admire your courage to choose what is right for your family. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks--this is your family and therefore your personal decision. I think it takes courage to honestly consider your limitations and to logically assess them. Your lives and hearts are going to change dramatically. You're no longer on the roller coaster ride of adoption and will be free to move ahead with your lives. I appreciate your candor. Congratulations! You have the joy of knowing that your family is complete! The things of God will take on new meaning as you move forward with Him. Please let me know how Christian Adoption can be of further assistance to you in the future!

May God continue to guide and bless you,


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We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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