Written by Heather.

This is written to & for the husbands of mothers-to-be.

Men, you have no idea what Mother's Day means to a woman who is not a mother--and wants to be one more than anything in this world. For 364 days a year, your wife is able to keep a proper perspective, focus on other things, and gently help others. But one day out of the year tears at the core of her being--Mother’s Day.

This day of celebration for many brings immeasurable pain to the woman with empty arms. Empty arms feel so much emptier, houses are painfully quieter, and the ache in her heart is almost unbearable. From her perspective, the entire world has what she wants and yet she still lacks.

Don’t try to understand her pain--you cannot. Don’t try to talk your wife out of these deep seated emotions--you cannot. Her desire to be a mother is primal; it's the way she's hard-wired. Don’t remind her how much she has already or repeat her time is coming or suggest that having children doesn't solve the world's problems. Don’t tell her that pets, godchildren, nieces or nephews, and/or the church youth group are "just like" having children of her own. They’re not--and she knows it.

Please consider doing some of these things instead...

Quietly and gently love her.

Plan something special for the day that isn't "kid related". 

Perhaps...a special dinner for two, a romantic movie night in, attending a non family based comedy movie, fresh flowers, surprise breakfast in bed, a walk in the park or at the beach, shop for house improvement stuff, work in the yard together, plant a tree in your back yard in anticipation of your future child, skip church (if Mother's Day is recognized), do some of her favorite things.

Dote on her, love her, and show her how special she is to you.

She'll be better the next day--she just needs help getting through this day.

Start planning today for that Sunday.

Ask God to show you how to comfort the heart of your wife--a mother to be in waiting.


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We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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