Written by Maribeth.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.

Spring '10

Over the weekend we stayed with our adopted son's birth grandparents. His half/birth sisters came to see him; one of them told Jake that she could hardly sleep the night before she was so excited to see him. The birth sisters and birth grandparents have come to see Ben several times. This was our first trip there since Ben's birth and I wanted to help my cousin's heart heal from her adoption decision. I invited her to lunch and to see Ben (her 1st time to see him since birth). The birth sisters and the birth grandparents told me she wouldn't come; she'll make up an excuse and not come. But she came and was so blessed. She sat next to Ben and they talked and laughed; it was very healing for all of us. I told her we'd always tell Ben how she had made a selfless decision and did the best she could for him. We'd tell Ben that she loved him so much and it hurt so much, but she wanted him to have a stable home. We went to see the birthfather's mother, the paternal birth grandmother. She'd been very hard on my cousin, refused to talk to her, and wouldn't allow her in her house. But we brought Ben to meet her and she was so happy. She said she could see the family resemblance and told her son to try to see his son while we were in town. (A big attitude change for her.) He asked my cousin to bring Ben by K-Mart (where he works) so he could see him. I told Ben, this is Robbie, can you give him a hug? Ben didn't know this was a momentous occasion. He went to Robbie and put his arms up. Robbie hugged him and was about to cry; he was so thankful. Then Ben ran off and I followed after him. It was good for Robbie and now his heart healing will begin. We didn't realize that we were so happy, but they were living with open wounds and hurting hearts.

God led us to go see them to help their hearts heal.



(Jake & Maribeth are thankful for their son and support through Christian Adoption!)

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We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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