Written by Lynne.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.


Dear Rachel,

Our relationship with Christian Adoption is a 10 year old story; our daughter is almost 10. I think that says a lot about why we stay connected with the ministry of Christian Adoption.

As you already shared with me, I've found Deborah to be a unique and cherished sister in Christ with a lot to share. She's still an important part of my life. When I need a prayer warrior to pray for me and/or with me, I call her. I've met her at Christian Adoption Family Reunions twice. Additional communication has been by email (personal correspondence or via the Christian Adoption updates), and through care packages we have received through the years. We receive helpful information about adoption, family support, spiritual enlightenment and she shares about her family life. Her heart is huge.

As far as the ministry, she does what she promises or makes it right. I've watched this closely over the past 10 years through the Christian Adoption updates. I've seen growth in the ministry and in the lives of adoptive couples that come online with Christian Adoption

Christian Adoption is not an adoption agency, but an adoption ministry. The web site provides a place for birth families to contact Christian families for adoption consideration. Deborah offers wisdom, friendship, encouragement and prayer that's priceless.

I encourage you to follow God's guidance. 

I pray for God's best for you!


(David & Lynne have been blessed with 2 daughters through the prayer ministry of Christian Adoption!)

For more information please read Simply Defined.

We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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