Written by Lauren to their birthmother, Lindsey.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.


Dear Lindsey,

I've tried to figure out when is the perfect time to send you an update about Thomas. Around Mother's Day, your birthday, Christmas, no holiday...? But I've finally concluded there's no perfect time-any time is good! I hope you're blessed to read this as you gain a small glimpse into his world.

We're so incredibly blessed because of our Lord Jesus Christ, our wonderful son Thomas, family, friends, and the promises in God's Word!

Some of our funny and memorable moments with Thomas include:

...Thomas finding a jar of Vaseline and painting our mirrors, closet doors and the floor!

...Thomas finding my lip gloss and putting it on his lips and face, because he wanted to look pretty!

...Thomas conquered potty training-woo hoo! He was rewarded with a toy dump truck with a backhoe!

...Thomas experiencing the ocean for the 1st time last summer! He loved sitting in the water, chasing the crabs on the beach, laying in the sand, and playing with his trucks. We celebrated his birthday on this vacation with lots of family, friends, and plenty of green John Deere tractors! He also had a green birthday cake with sprinkles that he helped decorate!

...Thomas' costume last year was a shark. He likes the nice ones, especially the angel shark!

...Thomas loves the water, so he began lessons at the YMCA!

...Thomas likes to color, but not inside the lines. He likes to make cool starbursts (that's what I call them) and he's very intense as he scribbles to make one!

...Thomas' favorite foods include pizza and tuna casserole. He also enjoys fruits, veggies, pancakes and desserts. He's not a picky eater-woo hoo!

...Thomas is very insightful. He asked for my forgiveness about something and after he prayed to God about it, he said his heart was white again!

It's hard to narrow down so many events and touching moments into this update. It's been an incredible time and we thank God for Thomas and for you!

Thank you for this amazing privilege to raise this wonderful child!

Love and friendship because of Jesus,


(Charles & Lauren are raising their Christian Adoption son to know Jesus Christ!)

For more information please read Lindsey.

We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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