Written by Fiona.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.

Winter '10

Dear Deborah,  

Thank you for keeping the Christian Adoption Family informed about potential birthmoms, the need for continued prayer for the Christian Adoption waiting couples, and reminding us to pray for the families of birth parents. Itís a difficult and stressful situation on both sides of the adoption process. I remember receiving various contacts that gave me butterflies, but in hindsight, itís evident to see how the Lord guided us step by step. I hope that we apply God's wisdom more diligently in our next adoption. I pray we choose to trust Him more fully in our thoughts and actions. Once a couple goes through an adoption, it's easier to see God's perfect plan and timing. I still remember the agonizing wait, the feelings of hopelessness, and the desperation to become a mom. But with God's help, strength, and the faithful prayer support in Christian Adoption, we can say it was all worth it. Sitting in front of me is the most beautiful, precious little girl Iíve ever seen! The love I feel for her, has a depth I didn't even know existed. Itís been the most amazing experience! Reading in our Christian Adoption Family updates, what other Christian Adoption couples are going through is a good reminder for us to pray for one another. We are also prompted to give thanks for our experience, so we can help others. We continue to pray for the Lord's guidance in our family.

Thanks again for the Christian Adoption ministry!


(Franklin & Fiona are teaching their Christian Adoption daughter to know Jesus Christ!)

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We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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