Written by DeeDee.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.



I was thrilled to hear from you! We have been and continue to be blessed by Deborah and the Christian Adoption Family! If you come online with Christian Adoption, you'll become part of a loving Christian family!

I congratulate you for being in prayer about Christian Adoption, that's exactly what Deborah would ask of you.

Christian Adoption is a small ministry, according to the world's standards, but mighty in the Lord!

We found Christian Adoption because God led us to this ministry. There wasn't any hype, nor big advertisements or anything that shouted "join up". But once I began reading the web pages, I started printing them for my husband. We both agreed, almost instantly, Christian Adoption was the ministry for us.

Deborah was instrumental in providing detailed information, specific Biblical teaching for encouragement, and never ending, unbiased support. I know the prayers of the Christian Adoption Family supported us during some rough spots.

If you choose Christian Adoption, please remember:

1. Christian Adoption doesn't find you a child; God will bring your child to you.

2. Christian Adoption doesn't get you a child; God will answer your prayers.

3. Christian Adoption doesn't process your adoption; you'll retain an attorney for the legal process.

4. Christian Adoption provides an avenue for birth parents to find Christian couples.

5. Christian Adoption provides a platform for you to ask questions and network with other Christian Adoption families.

6. Christian Adoption provides a prayer network, that surpasses anything we've ever witnessed.

7. Christian Adoption provides support for each couple's decision and direction to build their family.

The agency representing our birth parents found our profile on Christian Adoption. The birth parents terminated their parental rights (TPR) just from reading our profile! The only way they found us was because we obeyed God's guidance to Christian Adoption.

Blessings, blessings and more blessings to you and your family!


(Thomas & DeeDee along with their Christian Adoption son are abundantly blessed!)

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We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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