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Hmmm...there's potential danger in adding this page to Christian Adoption!

People generally like to travel down the path of least resistance. People generally like to have facts and figures to define their options. People generally want statistics to use as a barometer for success. People generally want their adoption to be simple, neat, and tidy. However, adoption success isn't determined by statistics or tidiness.

Almost every Christian Adoption contact call, asks for our Christian Adoption statistics. We appreciate the question and understand the desire to have a reference point for our ministry's success. However, it's not prudent to use statistical answers as a formula for God's deliverance.

Christian Adoption is unlike any other experience in life.

As Christians our trust should be fully invested in God's deliverance. He is faithful to hear and answer our prayers. God doesn't use formulas, statistics or the paths of least resistance. As you review our Christian Adoption statistics, please refrain from trusting in facts, but rather remain confident in God's ability to deliver. God's blessings aren't limited to a finite box. We encourage you trust in His power rather than statistical figures.

Formed in 1996, Christian Adoption has been online for over 16 years (193 months) and we have successfully completed 354 adoptions.births. (1 of those placements.births was in 1996 [when we began Christian Adoption]; 35 in 1997 & 1998; 28 in 1999; 27 in 2000; 23 in 2001; 31 in 2002; 28 in 2003; 32 in 2004; 20 in 2005; 27 in 2006; 24 in 2007; 30 in 2008; 17 in 2009; 15 in 2010; 8 in 2011; 6  in 2012; 1 so far in 2013!)

75% of our adoptions come from birth parents surfing Christian Adoption and contacting us or our listed adoptive couples. When adoptive couples list with Christian Adoption, they basically become their own adoption agent. We educate our Christian Adoption couples to understand the adoption process, provide questions to ask birth parents, discuss financial issues, and assist them as they cross the "t's" and dot the "i's" legally.

15% of our adoptions come from adoption professionals surfing Christian Adoption. Statistically birth parents seek to place their child in a Christian home, even if they aren't Christian. When birth parents enter an adoption agency, contact a social worker or call an adoption attorney, to state they want their child raised in a Christian home, adoption professionals are reticent to cross ethical lines by asking their clients if they're Christian. As a result, many of these adoption professionals come to Christian Adoption looking for Christian couples. As one attorney in Florida said,  "Everyone in Christian Adoption is pre-qualified. I already know that I'm reviewing Christian couples to present to my birth parent clients."

10% of our Christian Adoptions come by word of mouth from those sharing their Christian Adoption testimony.

90% of our Christian Adoptions have been newborns; birthmothers contacting us while they're pregnant.

10% of our Christian Adoptions have been children from the age of 2 months to 4 years.

60% of our Christian Adoptions have been in the adoptive couple's home state. (This reduces total adoption costs.)

Our fastest "match" was when we placed a Christian Adoption couple's profile online on a Saturday afternoon, they were contacted Saturday night, and their baby boy was born 5 days later.

Average "match" time: 3-10 months.

Average time from coming online to holding God's chosen child: 9-12 months.

Average cost: $5,000-$12,000 (these figures include our fee).

The least any Christian Adoption couple spent for the adoption of a healthy baby girl: $1,000.00.

Over 45 Christian Adoption couples have spent about $5,000.00 for their entire adoption.

90% of the birth parents that contact Christian Adoption have medical insurance.

85% of the birth parents that contact us are Christian. They're praying for God's guidance concerning an unplanned pregnancy. God leads them to Christian Adoption for placement with a Christian Adoption couple.

We consider it our Christian Adoption responsibility to educate, encourage, support, and assist others in their adoption process. However, we cannot control the actions of any birth parents or birthmothers, attorneys, adoptive couples, social workers or the judicial system. Our Christian Adoption statistics provide an informational framework.

Christian Adoption is like a fish swimming upstream in the adoption world. We're not the norm. Our statistics indicate that our adoption service is different. We're not of the world, even though we're in the world. Christian Adoption is an adoption  service ministry that continues to be blessed by God.

May we continue to humble ourselves before Him.

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We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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