Written by Deborah per conversation with Alexandria.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.


God amazes us day by day!

I love how God brings families together through Christian Adoption!

Alexandria's husband, Brian, works with Richard.

Richard knows Matthew and Ericka.

Brian shared his Christian Adoption testimonies with Richard.

Richard thought about his friends Matthew and Ericka. Ericka had just had a hysterectomy, after years of heartbreaking infertility.

Richard wrote down the Christian Adoption phone number on a piece of paper.

Richard went to Matthew and Ericka's house and rang the doorbell.

Ericka was emptying out her nursery. Ericka had given up all hope and asked her sister to help her pack up all the contents of the nursery. Ericka was sobbing through her pain and sorrow, when Richard rang the doorbell.

Ericka didn't want to answer the door because she was still in her pajamas, but her sister encouraged her to "go answer the door."

Richard handed her a piece of paper without explanation.

Ericka returned to the nursery and showed her sister the Christian Adoption website address.

Ericka, with her sister's encouragement, called Deborah at Christian Adoption.

Ericka's prayers for help and support were answered.

Ericka was encouraged to hope and trust in God once again.

Matthew and Ericka called Brian and Alexandria to thank them for their testimony about their 2 Christian Adoptions.

Brian and Alexandria are prayerfully supporting, encouraging, and becoming friends with Matthew and Ericka.

God directs the steps of His people, as they trust in Him!

(Brian & Alexandria continue to witness God's love to others through their 2 Christian Adoption children!)

For more information please read Ericka.

We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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