Written by Deborah.


All of us have some of these hanging on the walls of our homes. Some of us inundate tables, dressers and desktops with them.

Picture frames hold photos of those we love, favorite cards, a touching poem, or a special verse that ministers to our hearts.

A frame is a limited measure. It typically has 4 sides with limited dimension. It only holds that which will fit within its outer boundary; its perimeter. We use, enjoy and employ frames, but may not recognize them as what they are: a limited measure.

When we pursue adoption, we may transfer our limited measure concepts into an adoption mindset. Countless times, I've heard, "This is not the way I pictured our children would come to us." "This is not how I pictured our lives would be at this age." "This is not how I pictured the adoption journey." "This is not the way I pictured our birthmom." This is not the way we pictured our child." "This is not in the 'time frame' of what we had in mind." "This process is not how I pictured it." "This 'match', this waiting, this season, this time, this holiday, this…" The list goes on and on.

The pictures we hold or entertain in our minds are usually held within a frame.

A frame is a limited measure.


He has no boundaries, no outer edge, and no perimeters in His ability to deliver.


Countless times, I've heard, "If we don't adopt a child by this date, by this holiday, by this occasion, by this…, then we're going to quit and go on with our lives."

Those very statements are a framework of how a person expects God to answer and to deliver within that person's time frame.

A frame is a limited measure!

We limit God's ability to deliver us when we place a time frame, a boundary, and a perimeter on when He should answer our prayers.

A statement that I may hear from Christian Adoption couples is, "If we don't adopt by (name a month, date, occasion, day of the week…), we're going to accept the Lord's will and stop. We just want to get on with our lives and serve the Lord. we don't want to have adoption monopolize our lives."

Hmmm…aren't you supposed to be living your life for the Lord everyday?

Hmmm…as a Christian, don't you already have a commitment to be like Christ each day?

Did Jesus ever limit his prayers for guidance from his heavenly Father?

As Christians, are we doing our utmost for His highest, regardless of the adoption process?

Are we limited in our ability to live God's Word because we're pursuing adoption?

Who tells us that our lives are on "hold" until we adopt a child? If we want to take a vacation or need to buy a new car or whatever, don't we trust God to supply our needs?

Do we believe that He is our sufficiency?

We, in our erroneous thinking may short change ourselves of God's blessings. We may restrict God's abundant blessings because we "frame" our expectations, we "frame" time, and we "frame" our great God.

We place boundaries on when and/or how we should receive His blessings.

If you quit or stop, that's your decision, but don't claim that God wasn't willing or able to answer your prayers!

If you want His abundant blessings, in His timing---then you wait upon Him for His best for you.



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We encourage you to follow God's loving guidance.

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